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The Benefits of Teaching Your Dog to be Crate Trained

The Benefits of Teaching Your Dog to be Crate Trained

A crate is an indispensible management and safety tool for your dog. The most familiar use of the crate is for travel. But, it is also a most useful aid for housetraining puppies and adult dogs and for helping to prevent and resolve separation issues.

• As a housetraining aid as short term confinement in the crate allow you to more accurately predict when your dog needs to eliminate so you can take them to the right spot and reward them.
• The prevention of destructive chewing and costly damage to your home
• Safeguarding a puppy or new dog from potentially dangerous household items such as poisonous cleaning chemicals and electrical wires
• The prevention of separation stress. A crate provides your dog with a secure retreat and teaches him to learn to tolerate and even enjoy quiet time by himself.
• Creating a dog that can stay with a veterinarian or groomer without undue stress (they will both thank you for this).
• Offering a safe place to keep your dog if workmen are in the house (going in and out and potentially leaving a door or fence open for your dog to wander off).
• Offering a safe place to keep your dog if you have visitors who are afraid of him and vice versa.
• Offering a safe place to keep your dog if he is recuperating from an injury or illness.
• Offering a safe way to transport your dog in the car or on a plane. Additionally, most hotels that accept dogs on their premises require they be kenneled while in the room to prevent damage to hotel furniture and rugs.

The benefits of crate training are substantial and may continue through every day of a dog’s life. In fact, even once your dog is housetrained, it is recommended that maintain your dog’s housetraining skills throughout their lifetime. When introduced and used properly a crate can provide your dog a secure place to call their own, where they can go for a little down time. Stay tuned for detailed tips on how to choose, introduce and use a crate.

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