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Puppy Training Classes

Provide your puppy with the best education to reach their full potential.

Our puppy training groups

Our private lessons, training classes, and puppy play groups offer puppy parents a variety of options for providing their dog with the education and socialization opportunities they require during the most critical, early months of their development. We offered NYC’s very first puppy classes and play groups in 1994, under the guidance of Dr. Ian Dunbar, the person responsible for revolutionizing pet dog training by creating the original puppy class curriculum.





Puppy Agility
and Enrichment


Day School


Puppy Play 


Our group classes and private lessons are designed to help puppy parents introduce their pups to all they’ll need to know to develop happy, mannerly, well-socialized adult dogs and to make the most of each pup’s potential. Our approach is gentle, effective, enjoyable, and designed to be daily mastered by all members of the family, youngsters included. Training is decidedly “dog-friendly in its endeavor to teach young pups not only what we want them to do, but to want to do what we want. The group puppy course is divided into two parts to most effectively meet your goals. Some of the topics addressed in our private lessons and group classes for puppies are::

  • Housetraining
  • How to prevent and resolve common puppy issues like nipping, inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, and jumping up.
  • Teaching your puppy to come when called, sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, and leash manners (preventing sidewalk vacuuming, pulling, and putting on the brakes!)
  • Impulse control (leave it, wait, manners at doorways and when food is placed on tables and counters, settle down, etc.).
  • Aggression, fear and anxiety prevention.
  • Trainer moderated play groups for socialization and fun!

Not sure which of our services could be the best for your dog?
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What type of puppy training do you use?

Our training strategy is both dog-friendly and effective for owners. We focus on motivational teaching techniques that encourage your dog to actively participate in the training process. This involves managing your dog’s daily activities to minimize negative behaviors and maximize successful outcomes. We aim to transform your dog into an eager learner, which we believe is the most direct path to achieving a well-behaved, mannerly family member. Our commitment to positive, reward-based training underscores this philosophy.

What types of tools do you use for puppy training?

We prioritize identifying and using rewards that resonate most with each individual dog to ensure they respond well to our training commands. These rewards include praise, petting, toys, treats, and environmental privileges like additional couch time or special walks. Our training kit includes essential items like buckle collars, front-clip harnesses, leashes, treat pouches, and tools for target training, such as sticks or special containers. We firmly oppose the use of electric shock collars, prioritizing your pet’s safety and comfort.


What shots does my puppy need to attend class?

Puppies participating in our classes must be current with their vaccinations as appropriate for their age. We stress the importance of early socialization for your puppy’s lifelong well-being and recommend not postponing their training. Consult your veterinarian and explore authoritative resources, including Dr. R.K. Anderson’s letter on puppy socialization and vaccinations, to make informed decisions.

Can more than one person in my family attend the group training class?

Two people may attend class with each canine student. If you have small children, they may attend class, but must be supervised at all times by an adult and be able to remain calm and seated in class so as not to scare the other dogs or otherwise disrupt the class.

Our programs for puppies and their owners

Puppy Class Part One

This course, designed for puppies aged 8-20 weeks, is the perfect starting point for teaching fundamental obedience and manners. You’ll learn essential commands such as sit, down, come when called, and proper leash manners. The class also covers house training, socialization techniques, and managing behaviors like nipping, mouthing, and jumping. It’s an excellent foundation for ensuring your puppy grows into a well-mannered and well-adjusted member of your family.

Puppy Class Part Two

For puppies under 9 months who have completed Puppy Class Part One or private lessons, this course refines their skills and enhances manners. It focuses on improving reliability amidst distractions and fostering better self-control. This class supports your puppy through their adolescent phase, addressing behavioral changes with continued education to ensure they mature into well-behaved dogs.

Puppy Agility & Enrichment

Aimed at puppies aged 4-10 months, this fun and engaging class introduces the basics of dog agility while addressing the developmental needs of young dogs. The course includes short, enjoyable training exercises that offer physical and mental challenges, enhancing your pup’s attention, cooperation, and teamwork skills. This class complements the training in Puppy Class Part One and Part Two, though no prior classes are required.

Puppy Day School

Puppy Day School offers a unique three-hour drop-off training session for puppies aged 8-26 weeks. Combining quality training sessions with supervised playtime, this program is ideal for reinforcing manners and socialization skills. Each session includes individualized attention from professional trainers, focusing on specific behaviors like sit, down, stay, and impulse control. Your pup will return home happy, enriched, and pleasantly tired.

Puppy Playgroups

Our Puppy Playgroups, pioneered in New York City 30 years ago, provide a safe and fun environment for puppies aged 8-20 weeks to socialize. These one-hour sessions are moderated by experienced trainers and are designed to help puppies develop social skills and expend energy. Playgroups are an excellent way for pet parents to ensure their puppies have positive interactions with other dogs, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy socialization. If your pup is not currently a training student, please contact us before registering.

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