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Puppy Parenting Frustrations

In the over 20 years I have been training dogs professionally, I have seen a dramatic increase in the percentage of people who contact a training school who have a puppy (or better yet, prior to getting their pup) to focus primarily on preventative training as opposed to those...
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The Honeymoon Period with a Your New Dog

We have all heard the term ‘The Honeymoon Period’ used to describe the first, deliriously happy months of a relationship. Everyone is on their best behavior and feeling giddy and optimistic about the future. Unfortunately, this time of what seems to be limitless joy and no issues usually comes...
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Spot the Difference: Front Clip Versus Back Clip Harnesses

Teaching a dog to walk nicely on leash is, in theory anyway, a fairly easy task. It comes down to teaching the dog to enjoy following you and to consider it more rewarding than other endeavors, such as pulling ahead or lagging behind. The hard part of teaching your...
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How to Become a Professional Dog Trainer

I named the voice in my car’s GPS system Martin. I thought it was a suitably proper, British name for a voice that sounds remarkably real for being computer generated. At times, Martin provides me with a bit of amusement, such as when he says “At the roundabout, take...
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Dogs and Doorway Etiquette

Today I made a quick trip across the street to get a delicious cafe con leche from Despana, the lovely little shop with delicacies from Spain. As I went up the two steps to enter a gentleman was on his way out with his hands full, a tray of...
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Does Your Dog Think It’s Name is No?

I usually begin classes and private lessons with an introduction to the many benefits of taking a positive, dog friendly approach to teaching. I am always pleased to see nods of approval from students as I explain how punishments more often than not result in a dog engaging in...
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Terrier Telephone Terror

Marta from Long Island sent me an email today asking how to stop her five year old West Highland White Terrier from sabotaging her social life by barking up a storm whenever she holds a phone to her ear. Connor had been crowned with the title of Sir Barksalot...
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How to Introduce Your Dog to Crate Training

In order that your dog associate his crate with comfort and security, it is important that his initial experiences be pleasant. Rather than simply putting your dog in his kennel and expecting him to “get used to it,” spend some time helping him to gradually become accustomed to it...
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Dog Crate Safety Tips

The usefulness of a crate to help your dog learn to be mannerly (and eventually enjoy as much freedom as is safe and reasonable) knows no bounds. Once you have chosen the appropriate crate, be sure to consider these crate safety tips before introducing your dog to his new...
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