Intermediate Obedience

Take training to the next level to improve responsiveness and fine tune teaching skills

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Our Intermediate Obedience group dog training class is designed for those students who have have successfully achieved a solid foundation of basic manners training in our basic level group classes (most students will need to attend two previous basic level classes to qualify, but contact us with questions) and/or during private lessons with one of our trainers. This group dog training class focuses on refining hand signals, improving responsiveness to

verbal cues, increasing responsiveness to cues at a distance, creating a more reliable recall (come when called), stay, impulse control, and leave it, and teaching ‘go to your place’ and settle. This course will help fine tune and improve upon your previous training, as well as allow you an opportunity for troubleshooting behavior issues common to NYC dog parents. Dogs with reactivity and/or aggression issues of any kind are not appropriate for this class.


  • Improved Attention
  • Refining Hand Signals and Verbal Cues
  • Improving Responsiveness to Cues at a Distance & Around Distractions
  • Creating a More Reliable Recall (Come when Called)
  • Stay
  • Impulse Control
  • Hand Targeting
  • Leash Manners
  • Preventing Sidewalk Vacuuming
  • Mannerly Greetings
  • Go to Your Place and Settle Down


For dogs 5.5 months and older a record of their vaccinations must be signed by your veterinarian and include vaccine for: rabies, parvovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus, bordatella, and distemper.

For dogs of any size, breed, or mix that are previous graduates of our group classes and/or private lessons. For questions about this or anything else please email us.

Dogs should have no reactivity or aggression history. If you aren’t sure what this means, please email us.

The class fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and there are no make-up classes for your course.

Two people may attend with each canine student.


Intermediate Obedience


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Jan 28, 2023 Feb 11 Feb 25, 2023 Saturday 1:45pm 2:45pm Beasty Feast 327 West 14th Street $350
Feb 28, 2023 NoneMar 21, 2023 Tuesday 7:00pm 8:00pm Beasty Feast 327 West 14th Street $350
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