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Dog Training Should Be…

Dog Training Should Be…

With so much conflicting advice out there, choosing how to teach your dog can be a daunting task. When choosing an approach to dog training keep these tips in mind:

The most salient feature of up-to-date, modern, science based dog training is its ease. Everyone should be able to do it – you, your family, friends, and even adult supervised children. Modern methods make it easier for you to teach other people to train your dog with you and that means a positive side effect is positive social experiences for your dog (and you!).

We are all on tight schedules, so it’s essential that learning how to teach your dog take very little time to master. If it is a difficult, lengthy process, no one will bother – not you and certainly not your family and friends.

Why shouldn’t training be enjoyable? Your dog’s education should be fun! One of the neat things about fun training is that time passes quickly. You don’t even realize you’re training – what was once a training task quickly becomes a pleasurable pastime that neither dog nor family will be eager to see end. When using the right methods, it often is difficult for the dog, the trainer, or onlookers to discern whether it’s fun-time or training time!

Last but not least, the training method must be effective. Obviously, the methods have to work. Otherwise, what’s the point. If it works, it’s all good!

Photo: Andrea Arden

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