Puppy Play Groups

The best and cutest hour of the week.

Our trainer supervised playgroups are a terrific way to help socialize your puppy to other puppies and their people. In addition to the benefits regarding healthy play interactions, you will also benefit from a happily tired-out pup!


Developing good social skills during puppyhood is a crucial part of your pup growing into an adult dog that can walk down the street without incident (i.e. charging at other dogs or attempting to get away from other dogs), and enjoy off leash play with other dogs in safe environments.

During puppy play time, you will see a wide range of behaviors including chasing, rolling about and ‘wrestling,’ play growling, yips of excitement and yips meant to say ‘back off.’ All of this sort of play occurred whilst your pup was with his or her littermates and must continue with their peers throughout their puppyhood. Like people, puppies have a variety of temperaments (or personalities) and play styles. However, in general puppies are ideally suited to safely teach each other the rules of canine engagement, to help other pups learn impulse or self-control, and to help pups develop good ‘bounce back’ skills.

Puppy Play Groups are somewhat like kindergarten playtime for children. Some pups charge right in and are the life of the party from the get go. They might even be so enthusiastic that other pups choose not to interact with them. Other pups are a bit more cautious, and take time to become socially engaged. They might at first choose to hide under a chair and watch the other pups play.

Wherever your puppy starts off on the socialization spectrum, trainer moderated puppy play groups are a vital part of them learning to be comfortable with their own species and with people outside of their home. The over the top enthusiastic puppy will benefit from learning to modify and tone down their interactions, and the more reserved pup will become familiar with and more confident in regards to playing with other dogs.

We provide an environment where puppies and their people feel safe in this endeavor, and the moderating trainer is available for questions or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to make use of them as a valuable puppy parenting resource.

  • For puppies 8-22 weeks old
  • For puppies of all mixes, breeds, and sizes
  • Each puppy may bring one person to attend with them (due to space limitations)
  • The fee is $20 per pup, per visit
  • No advanced registration is necessary
  • First round of shots must have been completed at least 7 days prior to first playtime. We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s recommendations regarding socializing and training puppies as it relates to their vaccine schedule.


  • NY Dog Spa (32 West 25th Street) Sundays 1:00 - 2:00pm CANCELLED December 24th
  • NY Dog Spa (32 West 25th Street) Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30pm CANCELLED December 25th
  • NY Dog Spa (32 West 25th Street) Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00pm
  • NY Dog Spa (32 West 25th Street) Fridays 6:00 - 7:00pm STARTING November 10th
  • Camp Canine (46 West 73rd Street) Sundays 5:15 - 6:15pm - CANCELLED November 26th, December 24th, and 31st

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