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Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals

Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals

For as much talk as there is about residential rental fees dramatically dropping, there are still loads of pet parents who live in fear of moving because finding pet friendly rentals is an increasingly difficult task.

Attempting to sneak a dog or cat into a building which has a no pets policy is not advisable. Not only are you breaking the rules, but setting yourself and your pets up for a potentially stressful living situation. Every pitter patter of little (or big) paws, and every woof or meow will make you feel that an alarm is going off and you will be getting a call from the landlord’s office at any moment.

Most future landlords and neighbors probably have nothing against companion animals, and might even have some of their own. But, they may have reservations about a new tenant’s ability to be a responsible pet parenting neighbor due to previous bad experiences with people who: don’t clean up after their pets, leave stained carpets, have dogs that bark for prolonged periods when left alone.

Most of us have the common sense and concern for the welfare of our pets to keep their living quarters clean, and to provide them with proper mental and physical exercise and training. Doing so dispells the three major concerns for landlords; That animals (and/or litter boxes) will not be kept clean and cause a smell, that dogs will bark and disturb neighbors or bark and jump on them in common areas.

Make a great first impression on a landlord by providing them with details about your pet up front so they can get a sense of who this new feline or canine potential tenant is. Veterinarian records, a couple of letters of reference from a trainer, groomer or past neighbor, and a pet resume should do the trick and also show them that you are responsible and serious about the added responsbility of renting with a pet.

Creating a resume for a pet may sound eccentric to some, cute to others. But, the goal is to provide relevant information to a potential landlord and instill in them a degree of trust that you are a responsible pet parent and that your dog or cat will be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.

To follow is an example of a pet resume for my little dog, Nora.
Nora Arden
Job Goal: To be a great pet neighbor. Housetrained, quiet, social with people and other dogs.

Previous Experience: Lived in a rental apartment with approximately 20 units for 3 years with no complaints.

Education: Graduate of Andrea Arden Dog Training Puppy Kindergarten, Basic and Advanced Manners Classes, Tricks, and Agility.

Awards and Honors: AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 2002, cover dog for Dog-Friendly Dog Training (Wiley, 2007)

References: Previous landlord and neighbor recommendations are attached with relevant contact information.

Some sites for pet friendly rental searches:

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