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Top Five Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Top Five Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

November is Senior Pet Awareness Month and if you are considering welcoming a new canine companion into your heart and home, you should strongly consider the many benefits of choosing a senior dog.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog
1. What You See Is What You Get
We all know that we should try our best to choose a dog who is most likely to fit in well with our family in regards to energy level and temperament. When you choose an adult or senior dog you have a much better chance of making a wise choice because what you see is what you get in regards to temperament and behavior.

2. They Can Bond with You in an Instant
Anyone who has adopted a senior dog will tell you that they tend to bond with their new family in an instant. There is no doubt that they seem grateful for a home to call their home and a family to care for and love them in their golden years.

3. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!
A senior dog has enthusiasm to bond with and learn from their new family. Plus, they have the years of experience to pick up quickly on the task at hand. It’s wonderful watching any dog have fun playing the training game, but especially a senior dog who will surely be grateful for the opportunity.

4. They Tend to Enjoy Down Time
While some dogs remain active well into their senior years, most have an affinity for time spent just hanging out. This is something that adopters of puppies and adolescent dogs get to enjoy in just short spurts (that is, they tend to be more like Energizer Bunnies ready for the next play session at a moments notice!). You’ll have loads of fun exercising with your senior dog, but odds are you won’t feel the same pressure to be on the go as when you adopt a puppy or adolescent dog. If you value down time, a senior dog is the way to go!

5. You’ll Be Saving a the Life of a Dog Who Still Has a Lot of Love to Give
Senior dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized at shelters due to limited space and interest from the public. Adopt a senior dog and you are sure to get a return on your investment that far exceeds your wildest hopes.

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