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JoAnne Basinger

Jo Anne has been on Andrea Arden’s NYC dog training team for over 20 years and is now excited to offer her expert services in the Los Angeles/SFValley area. She also has the great pleasure of working with clients all around the world doing virtual training sessions. Along with her many years of dog training she brings with her an additional 20 years of skills in positive marine mammal training, care, and enrichment. Jo Anne is an honors graduate of the San Francisco SPCA where she studied with Jean Donaldson. She has been the featured dog trainer on television programs, and has published articles about environmental and behavioral enrichment for professional industry magazines.

Jo Anne teaches virtual sessions, and in-person private lessons, focusing on everything from raising and training a puppy to considerably more complicated behavioral challenges (rowdy dogs, dog/child relationships, fearfulness, dog to dog reactivity, resource guarding, and other forms of anxiety and aggression). Jo Anne is dedicated to using positive techniques and is committed to bringing these principles into the daily lives of dogs and their families. She believes positive training, proper management, and behavioral enrichment are the components needed to overcome potential challenges while building strong and fulfilling human/canine bonds.

Jo Anne was inspired to shift her career focus to companion dogs and join Andrea Arden Dog Training in the 1990’s after volunteering for her community dog shelter. Her devotion to helping dogs and their humans live successfully together grew out of her own love and the challenges she faced with the first two troubled shelter dogs she adopted. Since then, she and her husband have shared their hearts and home with many dogs, large and small. They currently are very happy loving Olive, a small energetic terrier mix, and Sam, a rescued Brussels Griffon.