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Dog and Cat Obesity: As Seen on The Today Show

American men and women are experiencing an obesity problem and their dogs and cats are, unfortunately, following their lead. According to the AVMA approximately 25% of pets are overweight. This is due to three main problems. Firstly, people tend to be less active, spending more and more time in...
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How to Remove Mats from Your Dog’s Coat

Mats are those nasty, knot like bits of fur which develop without proper maintenance grooming (i.e. brushing) which can collect dirt and cause pain as they pull at the dog’s skin. Some dogs are more prone to matting than other dogs. But, even responsible pet parents, who groom regularly...
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How to Train a Dog or Cat to Let You Clip Their Nails

My little dog Nora and I were spending the day working at Animal Haven Shelter (OK, I was working and she was romping around interspersed with periods of lounging), when I decided to take a break and spend a bit of time on grooming her. She likes to stick...
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Better Health for Your Dog in Five Steps

The lifespan of a dog can vary widely due to genetics, but also due to the care they receive throughout their lives. To follow are some simple steps you can take to help ensure your canine companion is with you as long as possible: 1. Maintain an appropriate weight...
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Shed Happens: How to Manage Dog Shedding

My little dog Nora is superbly cute and only weighs about 10 pounds or so. As a result, she is often invited to sit on people’s laps. She knows all about how best to maintain this prime seating position; Look sweetly into the person’s eyes, offer a little neck...
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