Teach Your Dog to Rollover for Examination

Teaching Your Dog to Rollover for Examination: Teaching your pup to roll on their belly for examination is often confused with an Alpha Roll whereby the dog is physically forced to lie on their back in an effort to make them submit. This approach is likely to create an...
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Does Your Dog Ignore You Sometimes?

A friend of mine was visiting recently and pointed out two things about me; That I get a wee bit competitive while playing cards and that my dog Nora sometimes ignores me. I embraced the former, but had a slightly defensive response to the latter. No surprise being that...
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Teach Your Dog to Drop Items on Request

Dogs are superbly investigative creatures who glean valuable information by ‘testing’ objects in their mouths. Most dogs also find great pleasure in chewing. So, it should come as no surprise that many, even the most well mannered, might occasionally get a hold of something to chew that you consider...
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