Become a Dog Detective

Most days pass in a fairly ho-hum way for dogs. There is the early morning ritual of waking up and stretching in preparation for a walk to go potty and release some energy. Then, it is usually back home for a tasty breakfast and hopefully another walk as a...
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Should You Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…In Bed With You?

I get the distinct impression that most people think dog trainers believe dogs shouldn’t sleep in bed with their people. However, most of my dog trainer friends are like the approximately 62% of the pet parent population (according to a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association) and...
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The Benefits of Teaching Your Dog Tricks

There are an almost endless list of benefits to teaching your dog a few (or more!) new tricks. Perhaps most importantly, teaching any behavior using a gentle, motivation based approach is a wonderful way to form a closer, more communicative bond with your dog. And an amazing side benefit...
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Teach Your Dog to Hand Target

Hand targeting is teaching your dog to touch the palm of your hand with his or her nose when it is presented and you give the verbal cue to do so. Targeting is a valuable skill for dogs who perform commercial or film work (think of a dog running...
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Is Your Dog’s Digging in the Yard a Drag?

Digging is a normal and natural behavior for dogs. Wolves and wild dogs dig to bury food as a reserve, to chase small animals, to find cool earth to lie in and a safe place to birth their pups, and as a way to mark territory by scenting the...
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How to Prevent and Resolve Dog Resource Guarding

Resource guarding can be described as the propensity of some dogs to attempt to maintain possession of or guard particular things they consider of value (i.e. resources). These can include, but are not limited to food bowls, toys, territory, and people. Dogs displaying guarding issues will often freeze, growl...
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On Leash Dog Aggression Due to Fear

A couple of months ago I received an email from someone who was very frustrated that her 1 ½ year-old Yorkshire Terrier was growling and lunging at some (OK, many!) dogs they passed on the street. According to this woman, the behavior started when the dog was about a...
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Has Your Dog’s Jumping Up Got You Down?

Do people admire your dog from a distance because they don’t want his muddy paw marks all over their clothes? Well not to worry, because teaching your dog greeting etiquette is a snap and your dog will thank you for showing him how to get all those distant admirers...
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