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Melanie Ward

Melanie’s career with animals began at the Cincinnati Zoo, in her native state of Ohio. She taught summer camps for elementary school students that focused on learning about wild animals so that as adults they would have a personal connection to conservation. She handled a variety of species including prehensile tail porcupines, African grey hornbills, and rainbow boas, just to name a few. After working with such a breadth of different species Melanie decided to work with companion animals. This brought her to Andrea Arden Dog Training ten years ago where she combines her love of teaching humans and teaching animals in an effort to help them develop a more cooperative, stress free, and joyful bond.

Melanie is a graduate of New York University. During her time at NYU she volunteered with multiple animal shelters. When she’s not teaching puppies good manners Melanie writes, directs, and acts in a variety of different plays and films.