Board Training

Give your dog a jump start on their training progress.

Looking for a jump-start on your dog’s training progress? Let your dog to stay with one of our trainers in their home so they can set a foundation for your ongoing training success. They will discuss your goals, develop and implement a plan to help your dog make progress, and provide you with a detailed follow up so you and your dog can become a more successful team.

Keep in mind that your follow up is a key element to make the most of the progress your trainer will make during your dog’s stay with them and the duration of your dog’s stay affects how much can be accomplished. In general, the trainer will focus on your top three training priorities. Your dog will enjoy several training sessions throughout the day, walks, play-time with the trainer, and when appropriate, participate in our play groups. The trainer can focus on skills such as sit, down, stand, come when called, loose leash walking, anti-jumping, and tricks. If your dog is not yet housetrained, the trainer will adjust their schedule to accommodate the extra time and effort required to help your dog learn the skills necessary to spend time alone without excessive barking, to develop better bladder and bowel muscle controlled required for house training. The fee is $300 per night, with a 5 night minimum.

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